Pop Ups

Below are our pop up dates for 2023. These are subject to change, so be sure to follow us on social media for updated pop up shop news.


Breaking Bred Bazaar - April 30

9am-2pm at Cafe Rica 

Breaking Bred Bazaar - July 30

9am-2pm at Cafe Rica

Color the Creek Block Party - August 19

5pm-9pm at Festival Market Square. Come tie dye your own shirt!

Breaking Bred Bazaar - September 24

9am-2pm at Cafe Rica

Early Bird Christmas Open House - Nov 4

11am-4pm at Bread and Basket

Winter Wanderland - Dec 1

5pm-8pm at Kellogg Arena

Streetwear for our hometown

We've lived in Battle Creek our whole lives, and we got tired of the negativity. Instead of complaining, we wanted to do something to make our city better.

We had our first pop up in July of 2019, and have been innovating, releasing fan favorite items, and pushing the boundaries of what is expected in Battle Creek

Why "New Union"

Rooted in Battle Creek's history, we found a historic business and adapted it's name. It represents the rich history of our city, and the movement to make it better presently and into the future.

  • Caleb Minear

    Born and raised in Battle Creek, Caleb Minear has had a love for art in all forms from a young age; Starting with photography, evolving into filmmaking, graphic design, screen printing, film photography and more.

    Caleb enjoys tackling new hobbies and skillsets, but especially enjoys shooting film on his Hasselblad and Nikon F, or any of his other unique film cameras. He also enjoys rollercoasters in any form; riding them, designing them, or talking about their unique interworkings.

    Caleb designs, prints, models, and photographs for New Union Market

  • Jillian Minear

    Jillian Minear is a valuable part of New Union Market, assisting with modeling and photography, pop up management, and more. She loves cozy days at home with a movie, snacks, and her cat William.