Streetwear for a better Battle Creek

This is a movement, to love Battle Creek, to be its biggest cheerleaders. It happens through a t-shirt and some stickers.

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Breaking Bred Bazaar - September 24

9am-2pm outside of Cafe Rica

More to be announced soon

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Whether it's a simple printing job, or a full fledged design collaboration, we would love to work with you.

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  • Monthly Drops

    This year, we are pushing the boundaries and dropping something every month. We've got so many ideas we are excited to show you

  • Pushing the Boundaries

    We strive to push boundaries. It's more than just t-shirts. It's tie dye, it's rugs, candles, frisbees, anything. Reimagine what you expect out of Battle Creek

  • Pop Ups

    We want to be in our community as much as possible. We do our best to host as many pop up shops as we can so you can shop in person.

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